1:1 Corporate Mindfulness Training

Tailored training programs for executives, leaders and professionals.

Learn how to declutter your mind, re-focus under stress, and maintain alertness and high-performance in the workplace.


  • customised for executives
  • designed for business
  • no two clients ever receive the same experience

Learn how to:

  • cultivate mental clarity and laser-sharp focus
  • increase energy and peak-performance
  • make decisions confidently under pressure
  • tap into and sharpen your insight
  • enter relaxation and calm before stress and overwhelm
  • unwind from technology and multitasking
  • consult your ‘inner-compass’ and strengthen self-awareness; and
  • easily stick to an enjoyable practice, every day
The 1:1 Corporate Mindfulness program has been structured to easily accommodate the busy schedules of leaders and executives.

Held at your office or via Zoom, sessions are spaced over a six month period to develop the foundations of mindfulness practice, before being refined and then integrated into your daily life.

There are three key phases to the 1:1 model, each of which offer significant benefits and outcomes to participants.


6 weekly 1:1 sessions @ 60min each

  • learn the basics of mindfulness meditation
  • gain vital background knowledge
  • start a routine practice

Refine and Review

3 fortnightly 1:1 sessions @ 60min each

  • identify blocks and obstacles
  • review the techniques learned
  • track your progress


3 monthly 1:1 sessions @ 60min each

  • set strong habits and see future growth
  • know how to stay on, or get back on track
  • observe experiential results
Sabina is a highly engaging presenter who we have partnered with for more than two years to increase awareness about the benefits and impact of mindfulness and meditation in personal and professional life. Stephen Whittaker

Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Royal Melbourne Hospital

“Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave.”
– Remez Sasson