Performance and Wellness with Mindfulness

1:1 mindfulness meditation sessions

Learn how to declutter your mind, re-focus under stress, and maintain alertness and high-performance in the workplace.

Meditate Now offers one-on-one mindfulness meditation sessions that are designed to suit corporate executives and professionals, tailored to match their temperament, lifestyle and overall health needs.

“Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave.”
– Remez Sasson

What you get

12 x 60-minute tailored 1:1 sessions, over 6 months

Each 60-minute session provides practical techniques with clear instruction, adapted to your personal and professional lifestyle. The 6-month schedule includes a thorough understanding of the foundational techniques and ensures the practice is integrated into your day, with long-term, self-motivated application and improved work performance as the end goals. We target any obstacles holding you back with your practice, and track your progression to identify the benefits and rewards of your commitment.

Follow-up resources are provided via email each week that correspond with the sessions, to support your personal development. Sabina is available for ongoing check-ins throughout the training to ensure your experience is supported and enjoyable.

For more information contact: Sabina Vitacca: 0429 900 017 /


6 weekly 1:1 sessions @ 60min each

  • learn the basics of mindfulness meditation
  • gain vital background knowledge
  • start a routine practice

Refine and Review

3 fortnightly 1:1 sessions @ 60min each

  • identify blocks and obstacles
  • review the techniques learned
  • track your progress


3 monthly 1:1 sessions @ 60min each

  • set strong habits and see future growth
  • know how to stay on, or get back on track
  • observe experiential results

What to expect

Professionals who apply mindfulness techniques claim it gives them a competitive edge in the business world. They are able to perform at their peak in hectic environments, while keeping stress and overwhelm in check.

Research shows that repetition and practice improve and train your attention muscles, along with many more cognitive and sensory benefits.

Investing in the short-term with an experienced and supportive mindfulness facilitator – whose undivided attention is on you – helps you maintain long-term, routine practice and strong, healthy habits of the mind.

Corporate environments can be spaces of both peak productivity and inner calm. The process begins with you. Simple yet insightful, scientifically proven mindfulness techniques are the key to clarity, calm and enhanced performance.

Learn how to:

  • cultivate mental clarity and laser-sharp focus
  • increase energy and peak-performance
  • make decisions confidently under pressure
  • tap into and sharpen insight
  • enter relaxation and calm before stress and overwhelm
  • unwind from technology and multi-tasking
  • consult your ‘inner-compass’ and strengthen self-awareness; and
  • easily stick to an enjoyable practice, every day

Total Cost
$2,995 + GST

Your facilitator

Sabina Vitacca, Director of Meditate Now, knows first-hand from almost 10 years experience teaching meditation, how mindfulness can bust through workplace tension and prevent serious health issues caused by stress. Her approach is practical, fun and dogma-free. Previously a group facilitator, Sabina now focuses on assisting executives and professionals hone their mindfulness skills, recognising that with one-on-one attention from the outset, we are more inclined to adopt a habitual practice that becomes natural and effortless. From there, teams and corporate culture begins to follow suit.

Private sessions with Sabina allow you to develop and refine your ability to meditate in a way that is specific to your lifestyle and professional demands. Sessions are relaxed, interactive and motivating, providing the time and space to explore mindfulness techniques that are guaranteed to work for you.

Enhance your corporate performance now with Meditate Now’s customised services, designed to assist professionals create simple and long-lasting mindfulness habits.