Get mentally fit – Time to shape up!

3 month mindfulness virtual program
  • Set yourself up to become more successful – gain an edge!
  • Handle change and challenges with greater ease.
  • Stop any overwhelming stress or anxiety in a natural way.
  • Take back control over the direction of your life.

We’re already in the last half of the year! Time is flying by in a rush. Have you had a chance to pause, take breath and be mindful at all this year?

Do you wish things could be slightly different? That you had better mechanisms to help you thrive in life?

  • Perhaps you’re stressed or overwhelmed?
  • Not sleeping due to being anxious?
  • Struggling with isolation?
  • Wanting tools to support better communication or focus at work?
  • Maybe you’re wanting to gain the edge in your career, to help support your future development or promotion?
  • Feeling stuck in a rut and unsure how to progress?
I have a solution to help with all of these challenges.

There’s no need to struggle through each day at work or at home, you can proactively design and shape your life, just with your mindset. My 3 month ‘Mindfulness Mastery’ program is designed to be highly effective in transforming required areas of change.

How much more fulfilled could your life be, if your mind had a personal trainer to help you exercise your focus on the present and stimulate new neural pathways for positive change?

Many famous sports stars, CEO’s and actors practice mindfulness. Why wouldn’t you? Trying something new might be just what you need. Mindfulness helps you to focus on the present and helps to consciously shape your behaviours, actions and thoughts, to drive you to success.

Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere, anytime but the key is to learn HOW to become more mindful – a skill many of us have lost in modern life.

That’s what I’d love to teach you.

Shape the new you – there’s still time to make the change and finish the program before Christmas. At just $400AUD a month for 3 months, it’s the same as the cost of a personal trainer at the gym.

Sabina also offers private 1:1 coaching if you’d like more tailored attention — a small price to pay for a new, refreshed you.

Join my 3 virtual month ‘Mindfulness Masteryʼ Course starting 14 November 2020.

For just $1397 AUD youʼll:

Have exclusive access to Sabina ‘The Personal Trainer for the Mindʼ in a weekly group zoom session for the first 6 weeks, fortnightly for the last 6 weeks.
a private half hour 1:1 session, held
towards the middle of the program.

Enjoy small group online coaching tailored to your individual requirements – suitable for beginners through to those who need a mindful refresher.

Be shown how to access a library of Mindfulness tools to practice meditation and mindfulness.

Youʼll receive a Mindfulness book as a
gift, to support you in your learning – Sabina will provide you with online access to a portal containing resources and support materials for the duration of your course.

Youʼll receive both a pre and post
personalised assessment and written report about your own behaviours and actions in certain situations. Do you dare to compare how much youʼve improved?

Sabina will guide you into creating a
personalised action plan at the end of the course to support you on your
ongoing Mindfulness journey.

I’m so confident you’ll love my 3 month ‘Mindfulness Mastery’ program that I offer a money back guarantee if you feel that after 2 weeks of coaching, it’s not for you.

There are no words for the results I received from working with Sabina.

Sian Burton

If you are thinking of engaging a mindfulness coach personally or for
your company then Sabina is the person
who should be number one on your list!

Richard Taylor

With someone like Sabina by your side you are in very safe and knowledgeable hands.

Nada Nikolic