Comprehensive Meditation Course

This six month intensive 1 on 1 course is designed to provide the essential skills required for any practitioner of mindfulness and meditation. By the end of this course, participants will :

  • Gain an understanding over what meditation is, and also, isn’t.
  • Identify the keys to developing your own technique, and how to identify and overcome your own personal barriers to meditation.
  • Learn to participate in shorter and longer length guided meditations.
  • Explore meditation as a path to self analysis.
  • Integrate meditation practice into everyday life.

Learning meditation with a 1 on 1 delivery method provides a huge advantage to you, the participant as the structure, techniques, course progression and ultimately, the overall experience, are all tailored to your unique needs.


The course outline

Part 1 –  Relaxing the body

What is meditation / mindfulness and what does it mean to you? What does it mean to enter a meditative state? You’ll participate in a short guided meditation and explore various techniques and technologies to see which will best assist you in your meditations.

  • Learning how to create awareness of our body & relaxing,
  • Demystifying and defining meditation and awareness
  • Identifying obstacles and barriers
  • Using supportive methods and technology
  • Introducing short meditations – spot meditations methods
  • Action Homework

Part 2 –  Thinking to sensing

What is the pathway from thinking something to sensing it?

  • 20 minute meditation to experience the theory
  • The mind in thinking – the affect it has on our mind and body
  • Awareness of thinking vs awareness of sensing
  • Action Homework

Part 3 –   Focus and awareness

This unit allows you to personalize and fine tune your own meditation techniques. We will help you determine which of Meditation Now’s numerous techniques will work best for you and how to further tailor them to suit your own unique needs.

  • Fine tuning meditation practice
  • Focus
  • Physical sensations
  • Internal awareness
  • Behavioural patterns
  • Incorporating attitudes

Part 4 –  Introducing Different Styles of Single Pointed Focus Meditations

How that you understand what techniques work best for you, we can now explore additional styles of meditation.

Part 5 –  Observing Your Thoughts as a meditation practice

Meditation is most commonly sought after as a technique for calming and controlling external forces upon the mind, such as stress or fatigue. However, it’s also highly valued as a method for allowing practitioners to observe and analyse their own thoughts.

Part 6 –  Where to now?

This last unit will summarise the essential points of the first 5 weeks of this course and then look at where your learning will take you in the future. We’ll explore the following :

  • What is your understanding of meditation?
  • How does the learning you’ve gained apply to your day to day activities?
  • What techniques will you continue using?
  • What does your custom meditation technique include?
  • How would you assess your current practice?
  • How do you want to develop this practice?
  • What is your commitment to yourself going forward?

Cost and Delivery

This course can be delivered in the Meditate Now offices at Londsale St Melbourne or via Skype. The cost is $??.


Would you like to obtain some more information or enrol today? Fill in the form below and we’ll either send out an enrolment pack or have someone contact you.


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