Saving Headspace Summit

The workshop every Executive Assistant needs to join in 2021

Your 1-day program to life changing techniques to help you win back time, improve your performance and help you manage the stress of a busy workplace (and inbox!)

This program, developed by Steuart Snooks, Australia’s leading e-mail productivity expert and Sabina Vitacca, Personal Trainer for the Mind and Mindfulness expert has been developed especially with EA’s in mind.

It’s designed to transform the way in which you work, to help you reshape your thoughts, actions and behaviours to become more organised, more productive and feel less stressed by a growing to do list.

It offers valuable techniques and strategies to save some of your headspace to be more focused on important tasks and what’s happening right here, right now. It’s an opportunity to connect with two leading experts who lead a highly engaging, action orientated workshop.

This will be the best investment of a day you’ll make this year, saving you countless hours of time and vast volumes of headspace once you implement the strategies taught.

The Workshop

  • A one-day workshop
  • Starts at 10:00am and finishes at 4:00pm
  • Investment is $950 +GST per person
  • Date and Melbourne venue TBA

Who Is It For

  • Experienced Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants who wish to progress their career.
  • C-Suite Executive Assistants who already have a deep understanding of their role but would like to innovate their thinking to gain a competitive edge

Session 1: Morning

Sabina will kickstart your day with a session on Mindfulness – introducing you to the concept, the science behind it and how it can be a game changer in a business context. Guiding you through a series of strategies, Sabina will provide actionable advice to help you set up and shape your thoughts, actions and behaviours to start to free up some headspace, increase your productivity and release yourself from the overwhelm you may be feeling.

Discover how to gain a competitive advantage using classic mindfulness techniques to enhance your resilience, communication to peers and leaders and better support your Senior Executive.

Session 2: Afternoon

After lunch, Steuart will introduce you to a life changing 3-step program to transform the way you manage your busy inbox, and that of the Executive you support. Bring your laptop and learn the ‘Triage View and Process’ that will not only allow you feel much more organised, but will also save a surprising amount of head space and free you up from having to rely on your memory to keep track of everything you have to do.

This revolutionary Triage View and process cuts through email volumes like a hot knife through butter, giving you more time to focus on the things that really matter in your role and offer greater support to your boss. What you learn will change the way you work forever!

Sabina’s mindfulness program gave me some really practical ways to embed mindfulness into my day, helping me to reduce stress, feel calmer and to stay focused and efficient whilst balancing work and single parenting in our new virtual world. Thank You, Sabina for bringing mindfulness to life for me – helping me to make it a reality in my everyday life and smashing some myths along the way.

Samantha Webb

Executive Assistant to CEO, Beyond Blue

I have learned important tips on mindfulness and recognising as well as handling stress which I am currently applying in my personal and work life. It was such a positive and worthwhile experience that I have shared my learnings with my family, friends, work contacts and even my GP!

Yvette Galeno

Executive Assistant/Office Manager, Serco

Steuart has given my Manager and I a cohesive, time saving ‘triage’ email system that we both have confidence in. After more than 20 years in PA and EA roles I thought I was using my time in the most effective way, however this has shown me an alternative that I cannot now live without.

Melissa Roche

PA Community Wellbeing, Knox City Council

This course has changed my work life! Amazing tips from the email master – I am so much more in control of my inbox. I never would have thought such a huge change was possible – I’ve been using outlook for years after all and thought I knew how to use it! I knew there was a better way of managing my emails and googling wasn’t helping! I am astounded at the number of time saving practices that Steuart knows. I now feel more in control of my work day and a LOT less overwhelmed.

Daina Latta

Executive Assistant to CEO, Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre