About Sabina

Sabina Vitacca

Sabina Vitacca

Founder and developer of the Meditate Now 1:1 Corporate Mindfulness model.

I have never been able to meditate. I couldn’t sit still and kept getting distracted. You have taught me a whole different way of looking at meditation . I LOVE IT!
Meaghan Briant

Trade Co-Ordinator, Jim's TradeNet

Sabina is an excellent educator and professional facilitator. As a newbie to mindfulness I was well rewarded with Sabina’s excellent knowledge and skills.
Anthony Taylor

Director, Design Post Digital

When Sabina found herself struggling to deal with the weight of various troubles in her teens she turned to an unlikely outlet for relief.

After being given a meditation tape by a family member, Sabina was hooked and has since gone on to make meditation an integral part of her life and career.

After travelling extensively in her thirties and working in London in the mental health field, Sabina returned to Australia. Upon her return, she noticed a pattern of behaviour in her fellow Australian’s that she had seen present in both herself and her colleagues in London.

Feeling tired, anxious and under-performing at work due to being overwhelmed and stressed was accepted as the norm and there seemed to be a deep-set belief that this was ‘just the way life is’.

Everyone around her seemed stuck and Sabina knew she wanted to do something to help.

Having learnt to use her meditation and mindfulness practice to stay present and centered whilst living a frenetic pace of life in London, Sabina realised she had the skills to make a difference.

Over the last 10 years, Sabina has helped 100’s of professionals to become more present in their day-to-day life through her workshops and one-on-one Meditate Now program.

With a passion and drive to help people feel less stressed and frustrated, make better decisions, and feel less overwhelmed, Sabina is improving workplaces one professional at a time.

With Sabina’s Meditate Now program, professionals find it easier to deal with the pressures and demands of life more easily due to not being driven by their emotions, competing agendas and being overwhelmed.

This, in turn, means their performance at work is improved and their home life is more relaxed, making them generally feel happier all round and more engaged with life.

To see which Meditate Now program might suit you, view the programs, or to speak to Sabina to book a consultation call.