Corporate Workshops

Corporate Mindfulness Workshops

Sabina has spent the last 10 years delivering workshops on meditation & mindfulness to a variety of corporate and government-owned organisations. Workshops are designed according to an organisation’s needs or concerns to bring about positive changes in the workplace through mindfulness and meditation education and tools.

Mindful Leadership Training | improving leadership capabilities by developing better interpersonal skills, engagement with coworkers, emotional intelligence and ability for problem-solving under pressure

Team Building | helping foster better interpersonal and team relationships & improve morale through mindfulness & meditation

Change Management Support | empowering employees with skills to manage perception, attitude and response in the face of inevitable or inherently stressful times of change

Conflict Resolution | using a combined approach of mindfulness and mediation to address team conflict, building a healthy and cohesive workplace culture

Resilience training | empowering employees to handle the high-pressure demands in work and personal life and become resilient in the face of challenges experienced in work and home life

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