Sabina is very personable and has a genuinely warm delivery style that engaged the executive team. Her knowledge and experience in her field was evident, she seamlessly drew the connection between mindfulness and the workplace and provided the team with practical and innovative tools to use. Sabina’s unique ability to explain mindfulness within a business context positively influenced my thinking, and most importantly, my actions immediately after the session. For me, it is a 1-3 minute exercise during and at the end of the day which has enabled me to and self regulate and think with greater clarity and purpose. I also use some of the tools Sabina shared at the beginning of my team meetings, and I have noticed a significant change in contributions and team effectiveness. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop delivered to our executive team so much that I am keen on engaging Sabina for further workshops and programs.
Natalie Wright-Boy

General Manager Human Resources , Mind Australia Development

I have had the pleasure of working with Sabina a number of times. Each time we work together I’m blown away by the depth of her knowledge and her commitment to the work. She is such a joy to work with and to learn from. You leave the room knowing you’ve been in good hands and a that you are a little wiser for the experience.
Kim Koop

Kim Koop Coaching, Facilitation and Consulting

Sabina is a great teacher. She is very knowledgeable about different forms of meditation and easily conveyed different techniques to the class. Sabina’s calming voice and sincere nature made learning meditation fun and easy.
Amber King

Director & Founder, King Creative Media

Thanks Sabina, you are doing an amazing job! I can feel the difference already and you have given me the confidence to actually meditate on a daily basis and ENJOY it and LOOK FORWARD to it! I never thought that would happen!!! As you know I have never been able to meditate before, couldn’t sit still, kept getting distracted etc., but in only three weeks you have taught me a whole different way of looking at meditation and mindfulness and I LOVE IT!
Meaghan Briant

Trade Co-Ordinator, Jim's TradeNet

Sabina is a wonderful meditation teacher. In my 6-week course she worked with a group of 20+ people who were all at differing levels of experience and she did so with great warmth and ease (skill). I learnt more than I imagined I would and was inspired by her approach. Thank you.
Ella Mitchell

I took Mediate Now’s meditation course in 2009 when Sabina was teaching in London. Sabina is a wonderful teacher, she is passionate about meditation and delivered an informative and highly relevant course. I came away with different approaches on how to reduce stress, stay calm and mindful in my daily life. I have found the breathing techniques she taught me particularly useful when I’m doing theatre performances. I highly recommend her courses to anyone who wants to learn practical medication techniques.
Amanda Schofield

Head of Marketing Communication, Global Justice Now

The Meditate Now 6-month mindfulness program provided me a deeper understanding and a clear tailored structure that I can adapt in different settings at different times in my life. The reason for undertaking this program is that it offered a corporate slant with practical applications and wasn’t wishy washy, it succeeded at delivering that and more. I am confidently walking away from this program massively reducing my stress levels, being more present, focused, better able to meditate and happily now making it part of my daily routine. This has helped my interactions at home with my family, more effective and focused at work, less reactive and more strategic, more aware of my blind spots and regulating my thoughts, behaviours and emotions better. As I was aware that mindfulness could be a powerful tool, I really had no hesitation in signing up for this to further develop my skills in this space. The way Sabina presented was the opposite of wishy washy, it was a pragmatic, practical approach. What I’ve learnt has now made me keener to learn more about meditation.
Alex Johnson

Technical Director, Shine On

Sabina is an excellent educator and professional facilitator. As a newbie to meditation and mindfulness I was well rewarded with Sabina’s excellent knowledge and skills. Sabina’s experience and guided meditations have opened my mind to new possibilities and methods of being better – it’s not just a performance thing! Thank you for your professional approach and guidance.
Anthony Taylor

Director, Design Post Digital

Sabina is a highly engaging presenter who we have partnered with for more than two years to increase awareness about the benefits and impact of mindfulness and meditation in personal and professional life. Our nursing, medical and non-clinical staff experience high levels of stress, busy work environments and, at times, emotional and potentially traumatic situations. They have benefited greatly from Sabina’s dynamic style and ability to communicate to – and connect with – the biggest sceptics in the room. The feedback from our teams who have listened to Sabina and learned about the benefits and practice of mindfulness and meditation has been very positive. Feedback forms regularly comment on Sabina’s mindfulness/meditation practice as being their highlight of the workshops we deliver. Our partnership with Sabina has contributed to improved health and wellbeing across our workforce – particularly in our Intensive Care Unit and our Emergency Department.
Stephen Whittaker

Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Royal Melbourne Hospital

As a participant in Sabina’s mindfulness program I benefited from her engaging style and practical examples which helped me apply the principles of mindfulness to bring greater focus and energy to my work. A really useful tool for managing through complexity.

Natalie Davis

Change & Communication Specialist

When signing up to the Meditate Now 6 month mindfulness program I was feeling disenchanted. As soon as I met Sabina I had no hesitation in signing up to it. It has since exceeded my expectations!!! I am continually being asked by colleagues and friends what has happened/ what I’m doing/ what has changed. The change was noticed in as little as 3 months. People have noticed in me my harmonious behavior but more importantly I have noticed in me a peaceful sense of self. Sabina’s offered her insights and teachings in a way that I could really understand and apply. I have certainly evolved as a human being and along the way there are still challenges but I am better equipped at handling them. Better equipped, one step at a time, with the mindfulness tools Sabina has taught me and have apply on a daily basis. I know this program is an investment in time and money, but your wellbeing deserves it!! Seriously what you get out of this is so worth it, I wish I found it years ago. Sign up because you are open and willing to change. You will enhance your life when you’re really ready to do the work, as the more you put in the more you will get out of it. I am not going to dress it up as it takes commitment and persistence, but hey with someone like Sabina by your side you are in very safe hands and she makes it fun!

Nada Nikolic

I love Sabina’s work. She brings a deep understanding of mindfulness and great expertise in choosing which meditation will serve best on a given day. In the time she worked for my company, I saw how deeply her work transformed one of my clients – very powerful. I only wish I could have found more clients to work with and create similar transformations! Thanks Sabina

Vincent Melling

Business Coach

Sabina led a wonderful mindfulness course for a company I previously worked for. She led us through several weeks of meditation practice and understanding the principles and application of mindfulness, tailored to our workplace. The experience was educational and enjoyable. As a result of the training, our team ended up doing daily meditations together for many months afterwards, which really helped us focus and be more self-aware at work. Thanks Sabina!

John Van Kooy

I’ve had the pleasure and honour of working with Sabina recently and I must say that with Sabina’s guidance and mentoring I’ve been able to understand how to use the right tools to centre and balance my very busy life as a full time Business Owner, Speaker, Coach and as a partner. Sabina was brilliant at understanding what I needed and what worked for me and my lifestyle to be able to use the tools and techniques each day and not get bored with them or disinterested after a couple of weeks. I do my Mind Training in different ways and it always helps me to be more centered, give my best and keep improving myself.

Kosta Iatrou