Grow into Mindfulness

Live monthly virtual program

A deeper dive into harnessing the power of your mind for a more focused, productive you.

This is the program for you if you’d like to start understanding how using the scientific benefits of mindfulness can start shaping life your way.

It’s the next level up from my ‘Four steps to Mindfulness course‘ and is designed to be an action orientated journey
through what Mindfulness is and how you can start to implement it into your everyday life.

Have the events of the past few years left you feeling less than your best self?

  • Do you wish you could learn to live in and LOVE the little moments in life?
  • Have the challenges of the year left you feeling deflated and lacking motivation?
  • Are you finding you’re more stressed than normal and finding work/life balance has become a distant memory?
  • Do you wish you could gain the drive and productivity others seem to have
    at work?
  • Perhaps you simply want to allow yourself the time for calming introspection
  • and create an oasis of serenity in your day?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, Mindfulness could be the answer and my program is the perfect place to get started.

With an action orientated, fun outlook, this program offers exceptional value for
both beginners to mindfulness and those needing a refresher.

This 4-week Mindfulness program is just what you need to start shaping life your way.

Valued at only $187AUD.

Please express your interest in this course and I’ll share with you when the next one is about to commence.

The value you’ll receive is huge:

  1. Learn all the basics taught in the 4 steps to Mindfulness program
  2. Enjoy 4 one-hour group interactive zoom sessions with Sabina ‘The personal trainer for the mind’
  3. Gain exclusive e-mail access to Sabina for any questions for the duration of the course
  4. Receive guided Meditations and exercises to help you identify aspects of your own strengths and weaknesses for your own tailored Mindfulness plan
  5. Leave with a heightened sense of yourself, how you engage with others and HOW to make changes to become more of WHO you want to be.

Mindfulness helps you bring out the best in yourself!

Sabina is just fantastic — I’ve never been one to meditate or even consider what mindfulness is, but I now understand how much I’ve been missing!

Anna Ball

Sabina was brilliant at understanding what I needed and what worked for me and my lifestyle.

Kosta Iatrou

You leave the room knowing you’ve been in good hands and a that you are a little wiser for the experience.

Kim Koop