Four Steps To Mindfulness


  • Four ten-minute video lessons to get you started with meditation and mindfulness.
  • Plus three days of follow-up support from Sabina (via email).
  • And three ‘must-have’ templates and worksheets.

See below for full program details.

Known as ‘The Personal Trainer for the Mind,’ Sabina will guide even a beginner to mindfulness, through an outline of what mindfulness is, and how effectively it can change your life.

Action orientated, you’ll walk away with tools and techniques to start practicing mindfulness straight away.

Experience benefits in your work and personal life – reduced stress, increased productivity, laser sharp focus and longer lasting, more genuine relationships with those around you.

  • Discover why mindfulness is so critically important to your own wellbeing – both in your personal and professional life.
  • Identify how you’re tracking by identifying your current situation, thoughts and feelings and begin to start tracing your own awareness of what you need to maintain your wellbeing.
  • Learn how to meditate and become more mindful in your day to day life and start to establish a meditation and mindfulness practice as a part of your daily routine.
  • Mindfulness can change the way you behave, think and react; understand how to fit it into pockets of your day to start feeling the benefits straight away. Walk away with tangible tools and techniques to start practicing today.

The Four Steps to Mindfulness Program includes:

  • Step by step videos
  • Interactive templates and worksheets
  • Formal meditation training
  • Mindfulness in action techniques
  • Meditation app access
  • A series of guided meditations
  • Breathing exercises