1:1 Corporate Mindfulness Training

Tailored training programs for executives, leaders and professionals.

Learn how to declutter your mind, re-focus under stress, and maintain alertness and high-performance in the workplace.

  • customised for executives
  • designed for business
  • no two clients ever receive the same experience

The 1:1 Corporate Mindfulness program has been structured to easily accommodate the busy schedules of leaders and executives.

Held at your office or via Zoom, sessions are spaced over a six month period to develop the foundations of mindfulness practice, before being refined and then integrated into your daily life.

There are three key phases (foundations, refine and review, and integration) to the 1:1 model, each of which offer significant benefits and outcomes to participants.

In private mindfulness coaching, you receive the valuable tools and assignments you need. I tailor the program to your individual needs and answer all your questions and queries as they arise. I will help you to set realistic goals and action plans to integrate a mindfulness and meditation practice into your day-to-day life.

Which of the following six-month options suits you best?


1:1 sessions @ 60min each

  • learn the basics of mindfulness meditation
  • gain vital background knowledge
  • start a routine practice

Refine and Review

1:1 sessions @ 60min each

  • identify blocks and obstacles
  • review the techniques learned
  • track your progress


1:1 sessions @ 60min each

  • set strong habits and see future growth
  • know how to stay, or get back, on track
  • observe experiential results


  • Weekly / fornightly Zoom meetings*
  • Weekly phone and email
  • Online resources

The Basic Package

Access to an online resources portal, 12 sessions, and email support.

Created for those who just want to take things at their own pace and feel they need less support to create implement mindfulness into their day.

This package gives you access to the Performance and Wellness Mindfulness Program including all of my resources and support materials. With this package I will deliver the program to you via Zoom with meetings once a week for the first 6 weeks, once a fortnight for a further 6 weeks and then once a month for the final 3 months of the program. You will also be able to email me once a week with any questions or queries you may have for the entirety of the program.


  • Weekly / fornightly Zoom meetings*
  • Unlimited phone and email
  • ½ price one-day retreats

The Progress Package

Access to an online resources portal, 18 sessions, email support, phone support, and ½ price retreat entry.

This option is for independent self-starters. Those who know they need help to learn the core skills and apply them but are confident, once they have, to continue independently. Taking 6-months to complete, this package is delivered to you via Zoom with meetings once a week for the first 6 weeks, once a fortnight for a further 20 weeks. The program includes access to my online resource portal, unlimited email and phone support and ½ price entry to any one day retreats held by Meditate Now.

Fast Track

  • 4 sessions per month
  • Unlimited phone and email
  • Free one-day retreats

The Fast Track Package

Four sessions per month, unlimited email and phone response, free one day retreat access and lots more.

This package is for people who like to do things whole-heartedly and know they struggle to stick to things if they aren’t being held accountable on a regular basis. This program lasts 6-months, with us working together every week for a total of up to 26 sessions.

You will receive my full support throughout the program with unlimited email and phone contact available to you. In addition, you will also receive 4 personalised meditation recordings for your use, free entry to Meditate Now day retreats, access to all of my online resources and two free 30-60 min workshops at your work place to assist in improving your working environment too.

I have also included copies of some of my favourite books that I know will support you in the process. This is by far my most popular package because if ensures you follow the program in its entirety.

Sabina is a highly engaging presenter who we have partnered with for more than two years to increase awareness about the benefits and impact of mindfulness and meditation in personal and professional life.

Stephen Whittaker

Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Royal Melbourne Hospital

“Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave.”
– Remez Sasson