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Mindfulness brought to you

The ‘Working from Home’ virtual program

Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed by current events? Struggling to stay focused with so much uncertainty? Do you need some help to stay resilient and connected to your team?

Help is at hand with my online program. A fun, effective way to address some of the modern day, workplace challenges of remote working and isolation. It’s a 6-week mindfulness program, designed for individuals or teams to learn scientifically proven tools and techniques to remain calm, better connected and less stressed.

I’ve developed this program in direct response to organisations requesting assistance in dealing with a new challenge. With an increasing number of employees now utilising remote working facilities, they’re experiencing increased isolation and team distancing in addition to managing high levels of stress at a changing situation. Employers, keen to maintain the focus and alignment of teams within such a disparate workforce, are responsible, and rightly concerned about safeguarding the mental health and wellbeing of their teams.

Mindfulness is a growing sector of health and wellbeing and works by bringing focus and attention into the present moment. Thoughts, actions and behaviour experience a subtle shift – leading to reduced stress, greater resilience and improved connectivity with peers and colleagues.

Run as weekly one-hour webinars (or the option of 1.5 hours for Corporate groups) you’ll obtain take-away actions and tools from each session to start positively influencing your wellbeing now!


Time: 1-2pm or 7.30pm AEST
Cost: $315 for individuals

Corporate packages and rates upon request.

Guaranteed no more than 25 people on each webinar to keep it interactive and engaging.

Weeks 1 & 2

 Learn about mindfulness, how it can work in reducing stress, increasing your ability to deal with uncertainty and building your resilience at a time when uncertainty is high.


Weeks 3 & 4

Put the theory into practice – Sabina’s focus is on keeping it fun and action orientated. She’ll guide you with some short practices to start with, gradually getting more complex as you learn to relax into the practice. Exercises will be orientated around how to cope with less physical engagement at work, how to improve team collaboration online and build resilience to challenging unprecedented work situations.


Weeks 5 & 6

Learn to instinctively recognise certain trigger points and start to feel mindfulness coming to you a little more naturally with practice. By the end of the program, expect to be able to confidently approach challenges with a more mindful headspace, feel more connected to your colleagues despite the social distancing and feel the flow on positive (less stressed) effects in your home life.