Pro Bono

Mindfully giving back to the community

Sabina is a passionate believer in mindfulness having a place in everyone’s life. Whatever our background, experience or current situation, we’re all journeying through life and have the option to positively change the course or direction we take.

Passionate about sharing her extensive expertise, Sabina is offering one spot a quarter as pro-bono work to someone/a team who wouldn’t otherwise be able to engage her services. It’s Sabina’s way of giving back to the community, at a time when mental health and overwhelm has never been more topical.

This is an incredible opportunity to learn from ‘The Personal Trainer for the Mind’ and start the journey for yourself or your team in the best mental state you’ve been in.

The opportunity consists of a 60-90 minute workshop for your team.

To be eligible, you’ll need to fill out the Mindful Pro-bono form and tell Sabina why you, or your team would love to have Sabina on board to help you become more mindful, focused and productive.

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