The Four R's

Reflect , Re-energise, Reconnect , Refocus

Are you ready to re-emerge from the pandemic stronger than before?

Are you or your team are feeling like:

  • You have change fatigue and feel you’re lacking direction?
  • Overwhelm and stress are setting into the team and it’s impacting on productivity and results?
  • You’re struggling with remote working or changed work conditions and just can’t find the connection with your peers or colleagues?
  • Personal worries and anxiety are filtering into the team from home and it’s impacting on the team’s focus?
  • You’ve lost your spark and energy as an individual or as a team which is impacting on your goals and results?
  • You’re not sure how you can become more effective at work and feel like you don’t have the tools to better equip yourself?
  •  You’d like to have aligned measurable outcomes to match the commercial journey you’re on, but aren’t sure how to pave the way with better actions and behaviours?
Did you know?

  • Mindfulness is used by many successful CEO’s and business gurus.
  • It can lead to an extra 62 minutes of productivity per employee per week.
  • When implemented as a tool in organisations, it has led to a
    7.3% drop in medical claims, amounting to $9 million in savings.

I’m passionate about Mindfulness being able to provide you with the tools and techniques to help with all of the above challenges… and so many more.

Mindfulness is a scientifically proven practice which physically strengthens the neuron connections in your brain to help you achieve your potential. You’ll find it’s an immensely calming practice, which if you put in the effort to train regularly, will become an integral part of your day.

Most successful people practice Mindfulness or Meditation in some shape or form and I’m here to help you or your team to retrain your brain and drive strong commercial results.

In completing these bite-sized courses you’ll have the knowledge (and drive!) to:

  •  Regain clarity as a team and as an individual
  • Regain awareness of your thoughts, actions and behaviours to positively impact your work environment
  • Learn practical tools and tips to bring Mindfulness into your everyday life, even in the smallest pockets of time
  • Feel more engaged, focused and productive

For just $99 for the entire suite of courses, or $29 to complete just the one you feel is most relevant, you’ll receive:

1. A half hour video course for each of the 4 R’s – Reflect, Re-energise, Re-connect and Re-focus. Choose if you’d like it delivered live (zoom or in person) or purchase a pre-recorded course where each team or individual can complete it at their convenience.

2. An interactive handout to accompany each course, designed to provide participants with the tools to start implementing Mindfulness today!

3. A foundational grounding of Mindfulness – enough to spark subtle but commercially significant changes in participants who implement recommendations.

4. A more productive, focused workforce who understand the importance of working in the present and being more aware of their thoughts, actions and behaviours.

5. Breathing exercises and mini-guided meditations to start forming good habits.

About the Workshops

1. Bite-sized Reflection Workshop

Perfect for the team needing clarity around their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Encouraging you to reflect back on the past year, specifically core qualities and skillsets they need at work. Participants will be asked to identify how they’re tracking and their opportunities for growth.
  • Explanation of what Mindfulness, the science behind it and how it can be used effectively as a business tool.
  • Receive tools and techniques to action Mindfulness for success and reflection in everything participants do.
  • Learn how to focus on wellbeing in a corporate organisation with simple, easy to implement steps.

2. Bite-sized Re-energise Workshop

Perfect for the team feeling ‘flat’ and for leadership teams to encourage energy and passion back into the team.

  • Help you to understand your own wellbeing – recognising any burn out or feeling overwhelmed.
  • Explore a unique stress scale, to encourage introspection on stress triggers and how to recognise and manage them to calm body and mind.
  • Demonstrate how Mindful awareness can change how people think, act and behave – leading to strong commercial and personal benefits.
  • Inserting joy into day-to-day life to inspire energy and refresh challenges and stressed minds and bodies.

3. Bite-sized Re-connect Workshop

Perfect for teams working remotely or feeling challenged by isolation and lack of connectivity.

  • Explore what it means to ‘lose your spark’ and the impact this has on the workplace.
  • Create a culture of awareness with Mindfulness, inspiring greater connection gateways within teams.
  • Practice short guided meditations to learn how to increase communication skills and awareness of the ‘unsaid’.
  • Enjoy short exercises designed to increase connectivity within the team.

4. Bite-sized Re-focus Workshop

Perfect for all teams to create a culture of positive change.

  • Learn how to become fully present in the moment for increased focus and productivity.
  • Mindfully plan out future goals with measurable outcomes to start new positive actions and habits.
  • Map out your strengths and weaknesses and tap into how you can become more effective and mindful at work.
  • Collect tools and techniques to add to your Mindfulness tool belt.
You have such a wonderful energy about you – welcoming, warm, calm, present, fun, interested and a true listener – that it was an absolute pleasure to attend your classes.
Kerrie Firth

I learnt more than I imagined I would and
was inspired by her approach.

Ella Mitchell

I enthusiastically recommend Sabina Vitacca to anyone in Corporate or one on one individuals or even couples to learn from this amazing woman.

Nikki Taylor