Reflect, Re-energise, Re-emerge six-month mindfulness program.

2020 has been a year unlike any other in living memory.

Self-isolation, social distancing, working from home, limits on where and when you can come and go. This is what life has been like in the COVID 2020 era.

As we start to emerge from life in lockdown and restrictions ease, including heading back to the workplace, our stress levels are at risk of rising as we think of reconnecting and re-emerging into the new normal. However, many us are already feeling stressed and anxious, meaning the thought of heading back to normal may seem too overwhelming.

My six-month, fully personalised mindfulness program is designed to help you re-emerge with confidence, inner-strength and support.

Using the power of mindfulness and meditation, the program delivers strategies and support. We work together once a week intensively for the first six weeks and then fortnightly, to ensure you re-emerge with confidence and inner strength.

Our sessions include reflection of your time during 2020, strategies and activities to help you re-energise and re-emerge. Once you re-emerge, our sessions shift to supporting you during this transition.

Includes my online resource portal and support materials.

  • Six-month fully personalised program
  • Access to online portal with resources and support materials
  • Pre and post progress analysis results
  • Post session email with meditation ideas and suggestions
  • Support between sessions
  • A gift: A mindfulness book that I highly recommend that will assist your journey

Your Questions Answered

Why did you choose to become a mindfulness consultant?
In my teens, I struggled to deal with the weight of various troubles in my life. However, at the age of 14, I was given a meditation tape by a family member, which piqued my interest and proved to be a pivotal moment in my life in helping me deal with my personal challenges. Many years later I decided to bring this practice into my professional life as well and completed my Teacher Training studies at the Melbourne Meditation Centre in 2008.
Why did you choose to specialise in mindfulness in the corporate space?
Having worked as an employee for many years in research, disability and mental health, project management and teaching, I loved the work that I did but constantly saw a familiar pattern emerge. I observed people overwhelmed, stressed, wasting time and energy, being emotionally reactive, taking many sick days and I got increasingly frustrated that I couldn’t do anything about this.

Watching so much suffering and the impact that this had felt like such a high price to pay for individuals and corporates both financially and physically. I knew that this system needed to change and felt that integrating mindfulness practices could bring relief to corporates through enhancing resilience, finding mental clarity, calming the body and mind as well as coping with daily stressors in work and home life.

What mindfulness work in the corporate space have you done?
Over the last 10 years, I have delivered general public workshops on mindfulness, and have specialised in corporate workshops over the last 4 years, giving talks at organisations such as Ernst & Young, Melbourne Health, Red Cross and Banyule City Council, to name a few.

In the last year, I founded the one-on-one Meditate Now program aimed at corporates who are looking to find ways to cope with the stress, pressures and expectations in both their professional and personal life.

What kind of clients do you have?
I work with people just like you. From a multitude of professions such as accountants, entrepreneurs, executives, HR staff to CEOs and business owners.

My clients are generally go-getters, who always need to be ‘on’ and to keep up with the many demands in their work and personal life. They have high expectations for themselves and are disappointed and frustrated when they don’t meet them. They are smart, driven, and have built a successful career off the back of these attributes. They might also be prone to burn out, and may be feeling the effects of years of stress has had on their mental and physical health.

My clients are great at what they do but have never been taught the fundamentals of mindfulness techniques in a way that makes sense to them. Nor have they been shown how to integrate mindfulness into their everyday life in a way that is accessible and measurable. Other clients may have dabbled in mindfulness in the past, but felt intimidated by its esoteric delivery or have been left frustrated and disillusioned by failed attempts at sustaining a practice.

What happens if you haven't yet worked with people in my field?
With 10 years’ experience teaching and facilitating groups and individuals, I have experience teaching a wide range of people.

The beauty in mindfulness and meditation is that this practice cuts through all fields. Furthermore, as I take a personalised approach with all my clients, I am accustomed to adapting my approach and program to suit individual needs.

How are you different from other mindfulness consultants?
A lot of mindfulness consultants focus on group sessions and training, which I too have done many of. However, the Meditate Now program is all about you! You are the driver and I create the material around what best suits you by taking into account your context, your preferences, your personality and pace.

Other mindfulness coaches might also help coach on other personal or work-related areas of your life. However, I focus on helping you build a strong mindfulness practice first and foremost, which will equip you to tackle other areas more effectively. This might be in the form of meditation techniques during your day at work, during meetings, at home with family or by yourself.

So, what can I expect from you as a mindfulness coach?
Over the period of the program, I will teach and empower you with mindfulness and meditation techniques. I will be an accountability partner throughout, helping you establish structured weekly meditation and mindfulness tasks and practices.

I don’t believe a hard or dictator approach to be effective. Instead, I prefer to take a less serious and more playful approach, focused on motivating and enabling you in an enjoyable way. The goal is to get you to start making these changes long-term from an internal drive, and not from an external source.

After all, mindfulness is about gentleness, compassion, insight, clarity, presence, attention, curiosity, equanimity and so much more so my sessions incorporate all of those qualities.

This being said, I want you to achieve real and tangible outcomes and so do this through a structured program, consistent contact, as well as with measurement tools and feedback throughout.

What is expected of me as a client?
Just be yourself! There are no airs and graces in our sessions, and the more authentic you are, the more we can find a mindfulness practice that really suits you. That being said, consistency is important with calls and homework tasks. You will also be encouraged to go about this process with curiosity and compassion. The program is most successful when there is mutual respect. I ask that you trust in me, as well as yourself, and go about the process with an open mind and be ready to start taking new action in your life.
Can mindfulness training be used instead of counselling or psychology?
Mindfulness is not therapy. However, it is complementary to other therapeutic practices and modalities. I’ve often connected with psychologists or other therapists that my clients have been working with so that we are all aligned in best supporting the individuals’ needs.
For what type of professional is this program not going to work?
This program is designed for individuals who genuinely want to put in the time, effort and work to get the results they are looking for. I give my full self and attention to these sessions and hope to receive this back from those I am working with.
If you are not able to commit to making the sessions or completing tasks, this might not be the right program for you. However, I encourage you to not underestimate yourself, and to rise to the challenge! These sessions, although structured, are enjoyable and refuel you to enjoy all other areas of your life.
What exactly is the Meditate Now program.
The Meditate Now program is a one-on-one mindfulness and meditation training program that takes place over 6 months.

During our sessions, you will learn the basics of mindfulness meditation and start a routine practice. I will support you in carving out time among other competing priorities so that your practice corresponds with your lifestyle.

I guide you through the techniques and teachings of mindfulness and meditation so that you can have these life-changing practices and tools for the rest of your life

Does this really work?
Who better to answer this than some of my past clients? Click here to read some of their testimonials.
What results can I expect?

The most common benefits my clients’ experience are an improvement to their performance, focus, better decision-making under stress, feeling more joy and ease in their everyday life, a strengthening of self-awareness and more connection to their body and mind.

How is the program measured?
Progress in mindfulness and meditation is not always a tangible thing. However, there are a few ways that we can measure this throughout the process. One such way is through a series of surveys that clients are given at the start, middle and end of the program to determine how mindfulness is becoming integrated into their lives. Scores are analysed and discussed throughout the process, and then overall scores are presented to clients at the end of the program.

Clients may also want to use a Muse headset to measure brain activity throughout the process.

However, the most important measurement in this process will be in your own internal measurement and self-reflection of your inner state. This could be experienced in the way you are feeling within yourself, or how you are responding to your inner thoughts and outer world, and how others are responding to you in return.

Clients have often told me that other people may start to comment that they have noticed a change in them before they have even noticed this in themselves!

How quickly can I expect results?
This obviously depends on a number of factors such as what’s happening in your external world, but the more dedication that is given to weekly work, the faster clients can see progress.

However, I find that most people start to feel a change after the completion of phase 1 and then those around them might start to notice and comment on changes in them around the 3rd month.

Will I recover the investment I put into this coaching program.
What price would you put on leading a better life and preventing burnout?

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to illness, burnout and mental health problems. The more we manage these stressors as a preventative approach the more we can mitigate the need for expensive health treatment or retreat programs or holidays designed for corporates who are burnt-out. Additionally, the flip side is that the more resources we build in ourselves, the more we are able to pursue career, financial and personal goals moving forward.

Regular mindfulness practice creates a strong foundation, propelling you to stay on track in the future. The benefits are cumulative so you will naturally want to keep going. Together we will observe the experiential results from all your efforts so you know your investment in this work is paying off.

Which program would suit me best?

This depends on how in-depth you want to go into mindfulness and meditation practices. Programs differ in the number of sessions we have, the resources available, as well as the access to retreat and corporate talks by myself. View program details…

Where are the sessions held?
Sessions take place over Zoom (an online video platform) or in person if you are based in Melbourne.
How much time will I need to dedicate each week to make this an integrated approach?
Time would need to be put aside for our weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions, as well as an agreed amount of time devoted to daily meditative practices. This typically varies from 1 to 30 minutes daily. But apart from that, you will be learning to incorporate mindfulness in everything you do and not just something that is done in times of stress or at particular intervals.

By the end of the program you will not see putting in time for mindfulness as a chore, but rather something you will look forward to and miss when you don’t do it.

How does payment work?
Payments can be made via Credit Card or invoiced at the start of the program.
Ok, I know which program I want. How do we get started?
I am so excited that you’ve decided to make this investment in your professional and personal development and the empowered choice to create a healthier you. Contact me to set up a call as it is important that we meet before starting to make sure the program selected is the right fit for you. After this, we will agree on a date where we will start sessions. I will then send you a client intake form, welcome email, pre-survey and then we can begin this exciting journey into mindfulness together!
Can I call you to discuss my options or any further questions?
Yes. I am available for a 15-minute discovery call if you would like to discuss this with me. Email me to book a call on
How do I get in touch?
0429 900 017
There are no words for the results I received from working with Sabina.
Sian Burton

If you are thinking of engaging a mindfulness coach personally or for your company then Sabina is the person who should be number one on your list!
Richard Taylor

With someone like Sabina by your side you are in very safe and knowledgeable hands.
Nada Nikolic