Do you want to join the ranks of large corporates who have introduced a well-rounded mindfulness practice and meditation habit to enhance focus and increase productivity across their teams?

If so, do you need a speaker who is not only engaging and relatable but also has valuable knowledge about mindfulness derived from years of proven experience?

Sabina is a highly engaging presenter
who we have partnered with for more than
two years to increase awareness about the
benefits and impact of mindfulness and
meditation in personal and professional life.

Stephen Whittaker

Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Royal Melbourne Hospital

Known for captivating her audience and delivering actionable learnings, Sabina’s natural charm and effusive style helps her audience to relax and consider how to think and act in a more liberated and productive way.

With over 10 years’ experience helping busy professionals become more present in their day-to-day life through workshops and one-on-one programs, Sabina is able to implement tried-and-tested, world class practices to help individuals overcome feelings of stress, overwhelm
and lack of focus in the workplace.

Through her 1:1 Corporate Mindfulness model, Sabina teaches how to bring mindfulness and meditation practices into the daily work and home life, helping both individuals and organisations transform their unproductive habits, thought patterns and behaviours.

Sabina is an accomplished speaker and mindfulness coach successfully running her business ‘Sabina Vitacca’ and her program Meditate Now.

Featured in several publications, including Women’s Health and Fitness magazine, Sabina is recognised as an engaging speaker, presenter and highly knowledgeable educator and
is known as ‘The personal trainer for the mind.’

Areas of Expertise

Mindful Leadership Training

Improving leadership capabilities by developing better interpersonal skills, engagement with co-workers, emotional intelligence and ability for problem-solving under pressure.

Conflict Resolution

Working alongside a Mediator to offer conflict resolution and mindfulness to support ongoing discussions. Mindfulness helps to create awareness and mindful communication, while mediation provides techniques for conflict resolution – helping teams to build a healthy and cohesive workplace.


Change Management Support

Empowering employees with skills to manage perception, attitude and response in the face of inevitable or inherently stressful times of change.

Resilience training

Empowering employees to handle the high-pressure demands in work and personal life and become resilient in the face of challenges experienced in work and home life.

Professional Development

Supporting professionals reach career and personal goals through personalised mindfulness strategies and tools.