There’s little doubt that the after effects of the pandemic have left a significant impact on our bodies and our wellbeing. Human beings are generally a pretty resilient bunch – we tend to bounce back from most things, but I can’t help but notice that COVID seems to have left its lingering mark on many of us.

The pressure has definitely been on for many professionals. We’ve coped with lockdowns, isolation, changes to work environments, disruption to our personal lives and the evidence is starting to mount towards a new pandemic of now trying to manage the ‘symptoms of the pandemic’, rather than just COVID. We know that professionals are stressed, with an overwhelming number in a recent program I ran stating that they’d like to relieve stress at work, pay more attention to how their emotions affect their thoughts and behaviours and to be able to disengage from work at the end of the day.

Encapsulated within the program are tools and techniques to help professionals to better manage the strains of post pandemic life, and to anchor existing skillsets to help individuals and organisations thrive. Three quarters of the participants in the program stated that post the course, they’d be making a conscious effort into building Mindfulness into their daily life. They told me that Mindfulness helped them regain the headspace to be more aware of the way in which they thought, acted and behaved and that the program was “perfectly timed for the stress endured by many in lockdown.” I was hearted that 86% of the participants stated that they’d recommend the program and learned valuable lessons in how to utilise the tools and techniques I gifted them within the program.

Mindfulness is a practice which gets easier with habit – think about when you first learn to drive, every action is highly calculated with each mirror check or lane change carefully thought about. For many adults who have now been driving for years, it becomes an automatic reflex, which whilst still made up of conscious decisions, becomes easier and more natural. Mindfulness works in a similar way – as the neurons in your brain start to create new connections, after time, those positive habits and behaviours start to become automatic. It’s at this point, you’ll truly start to notice the hugely beneficial effects of mindfulness and the significant impact it can have on your professional and personal life.

Within a professional context, the mindfulness program I’ve seen huge success running, has provided participants and whole teams with new ways of thinking and doing. It helps to lay the foundations for professionals to better navigate the sometimes stormy waters of post pandemic life and build resilience to the inevitable uncertainty and changes, which can arise.

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